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Synergy Sound/Neville Pearsall specialize in quality multi track recording, live sound, location recording and audio tape transfer and restoration.

Multi track recording and editing
Digital Performer workstation based recording with Waves Mercury plug ins and UAD -1 card

Live Sound
Mackie powered speakers and subs with Mackie SR 24/4 and SR 32/4 boards, full processing racks and quality microphones.
$ - will bid.

Location Recording
2 to 24 tracks, laptop computer based or 24 track Alesis HD 24 hard disk recorder; can be combined with live sound system.
$ - $100 to $400/day depending on job and gear needed.

Audio tape & 78/LP record transfer and restoration
Transfer of 1/4" audio tape almost all formats/speeds
Cassette, LP & 78rpm records and 1/2" 8 track (Tascam 80-8)
audio tape "baking" to salvage tape with "sticky binder" problems (vintage 1972 to 1980 Ampex)
$ - variable depending on complexity but about $40/hour of tape.