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Neville Pearsall

Neville Pearsall has been involved with music, recording and live sound for most of his life and is a graduate of the University of Washington Ethnomusicology program. He played with several local Seattle bands between age 17 and 25 including the infamous and enigmatic  Lamar Harrington Band. He then concentrated on recording and live sound and raising a family. 

His first studio was OXO Recording on Capitol Hill in Seattle, one of the first 8 track studios in Seattle where some of the pioneering local bands such as Jim Bassnight's Meyce and proto punk band The Flaming Telepath's cut demos as well as records for Dumi and his original marimba band and other groups such as N.W. Latin originators Chebere.

In 1979 he moved to the Port Townsend WA. area and in 1985 built a studio in an addition to his house renaming it Synergy Sound. It was probably one of the first recording studios on the Olympic Peninsula and many local band made cassette and CD releases there.

In 1993 the studio moved to the  Fort Worden location, in the first quarter of 2015 after a 200 + CD release run, it moved back to the Chimacum location.

Synergy Sound

Synergy Sound is primarily a digital studio operating a Mac based Digital Performer recording setup. A full complement of quality microphones, preamps and software combined with extensive experience in tracking, editing and mixing ensure projects are both efficient, cost effective and sonically pleasing.

The studio has just moved back to it's original location in the quiet and peaceful Chimacum Valley



Live Sound

  • 24 to 32 input Mackie board, Mackie 450 powered speakers and subs
  • Full racks of E.Q., compression and effects
  • microphones by Sennheiser, Shure and AKG
  • Gear rental to qualified clients.